Heart to Heart Blog


Why we're building Heart to Heart

By: Joshua Ogundu
April 11, 2022

Heart to Heart is an audio dating app that allows you to connect from the heart in a fun, intimate, and authentic way. With Heart to Heart, you use audio to share your story, connect with others, and find love. It’s a new way for people to build relationships in a more meaningful way. Our platform removes the pressure to upload the perfect photo, unlike other apps that put photos and physical appearances first.

Finding love online can be challenging. That’s because online dating all looks and feels the same way: you create an account, upload photos, and hope someone will swipe left or right based on the way you look.

Heart to Heart is different: we’re building a voice dating app that allows you to connect from the heart because hearing someone’s voice is an intimate experience. When you express yourself using your voice, you’re free to be yourself. You’re also being intentional in thinking about what you want to say and letting the other person know how you feel. You can share jokes, a fun childhood memory, or your dreams for the future. We think you’re really getting to know someone when you’re expressing yourself from the heart.

We’re building Heart to Heart with you in mind, and are excited to keep you posted as we prepare for launch. Sign up here to receive updates and be among the first to preview the platform when it launches in the coming months. We can’t wait to have you experience Heart to Heart and invite you to accompany us on this journey.