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Heart to Heart launches in NY & LA

By: Joshua Ogundu
April 11, 2022

Heart to Heart, an audio dating app that lets you listen to the story behind the pictures in a profile, is launching today in Los Angeles and New York. We’re excited to bring Heart to Heart to life and help people find meaningful connections online. Our idea behind Heart to Heart is simple: revolutionize online dating because the current landscape doesn’t work. You browse through photos, swipe left or right, and send someone a message. How you find your potential soulmate is so impersonal. We believe that voice provides a more intimate connection because everyone’s voice is unique, and sounds convey important feelings like joy and excitement. Heart to Heart is on a mission to make online dating more human and personable by using the power of voice to build connections. The more authentic and genuine you are, the deeper the connection will be.

Let’s get started

To join the Heart to Heart community, you’ll start by creating a profile. You’ll be invited to add and describe a photo or answer a prompt.

heart to heart audio dating app screen mockup - example

If you choose a prompt, we’ll ask you to record your response. For example, you can talk about where you’re from, share memories from when you were in school, or share your dreams for the future.  

heart to heart audio dating app screen mockup - example

If you have a cool photo you want to share, upload it and explain what made it such a great experience. For instance, talk about that time you and your friends went on that crazy vacation or the last concert you attended. We know there’s no shortage of stories to tell, so we encourage you to open up and let others hear those stories.

heart to heart audio dating app screen mockup - example

As you’re connecting with others on Heart to Heart, we encourage you to send voice notes to get to know each other. Listening to someone’s voice is an intimate experience that helps foster deeper connectivity, attraction, and love.

What’s next

To help us grow the Heart to Heart community, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Meet Cute. Meet Cute is an entertainment company with the world’s largest library of scripted romantic comedies and the largest global creative network of writers, actors, and directors. Over the next month, Heart to Heart and Meet Cute are partnering to bring a fresh romantic comedy series to audiences and inviting them to start their romantic journey on the platform. Make sure to listen to Meet Cute’s newest rom-com series, Sweatpants Kinda Love, a six-part romantic comedy series presented by Heart to Heart that follows one couple's opposite thoughts about Valentine’s Day. Tune in on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and follow along on their socials.

“Meet Cute tells stories about love and human connection, making Heart to Heart a perfect partner in February, with their mission to help people find love through audio. We’re thrilled to partner with Heart to Heart as they make real life meet cutes possible for people. We’re big fans of Heart to Heart’s new approach as an audio dating app — it’s unique and most importantly, genuine. ” – Naomi Shah, Founder and CEO, Meet Cute