Heart to Heart Blog


Creating Connection

By: Joshua Ogundu
April 14, 2022

We’re excited to announce new changes to the Heart to Heart experience. At the beginning of February, we launched Heart to Heart with the goal of making online connections more meaningful by tapping into the power of voice. We rolled out our platform in New York City and Los Angeles to help people connect by using the power of their voice. To date, we’ve facilitated hundreds of connections between people in these cities. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and the community we’ve built and are excited to announce new changes to the Heart to Heart community.

What’s happening

Starting tomorrow, we’re simplifying the Heart to Heart experience by placing more emphasis on photos and audio and removing the prompts at the beginning of the experience. When you visit Heart to Heart, you’ll now be invited to upload a photo of yourself that captures your story, illustrates your hobbies, or conveys something you’re proud to have accomplished. We’ll also encourage you to use your voice to tell us more about these photos and yourself via the audio option.

With these changes, we’re streamlining the process and making the experience more about personal connection and less about online dating and attraction.

Why we’re making these changes

Connection is something all humans desire, whether it be romantic or platonic relationships. We all want to feel connected to someone else, to a community, or a group with shared interests. Human connections sustain and nourish us, and connecting people is why we created Heart to Heart. The online dating space is where Heart to Heart started, but it’s not where our story ends. We want to build a platform where parents, professionals, and many others can connect to one another. We want people to share their favorite activities or a childhood memory because who knows, maybe there’s someone on Heart to Heart who also shares your interest or grew up similarly to you. We believe that voice is a powerful connector, which is why we’re continuing to focus on audio and photos. No two voices are alike and we want to tap into the uniqueness of each individual person. At Heart to Heart, we’re building a connection company where people come together to meet other cool new people. We’re excited for this next chapter in our journey - stay tuned for more!