We believe making connections shouldn't be static

The current landscape of dating apps prioritize appearance over a persons story, leading to inauthentic, static connections.

Heart To Heart is an audio first dating app that seeks to let people use the stories behind moments in their lives to build connections between themselves and the people around them. We believe that online dating should be intentional, intimate and fun. Whether its a memory from childhood or your aspirations for the future, we want you to be able to showcase that, because everyone has a story...tell us yours.

Our mission extends beyond the superficial objectives of most dating services. We understand that genuine connections involve honesty, empathy, and understanding. These expressions all rely heavily on listening.

They say a picture says a thousand words. With Heart to Heart, they actually say a few thousand*. This helps users to glean meaningful insights into the subjects mentality, outlook, and all the idiosyncrasies that make us individuals.

Caught making a funny face on accident? Post it and tell us what was happening when the photo was taken. We'll learn about what and who makes you tick, in real life.